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Another kind of detailing

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Hello Norway

First let me appologiese for writing in english....but I am just to old to learn norwegian. :lol:

My name is Marius , married with one wife , Roxana, and toghether we have one litle daughter, Ana. I'm a Romanian national that is living in UK , Wigan. I want to say that I am absolutly amazed by the talent that you show in car detailing and to say that I am a big fan of all of you ...I find your work absolutly inspiring. It seems that I am not the only Romanian that loves your work :wub: ...if you follow the links bellow you will see what I'm talking about .... This is a small community of romanian amateurs and pro detailers ....and here are the links:

http://www.detailing-club.ro/forum/showthread.php?t=2845&page=5 ...your amazing Hall of Fame

http://www.detailing-club.ro/forum/showthread.php?t=2845&page=6 ....an almost complete coletion of the work of Brynjar and Bernhard

http://www.detailing-club.ro/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=36&order=desc&page=2 .....a nice video collection of the Brynjar and Bernhard work

Using Google translate will make reading abreaze ....and if you want to say hello or just to show your work we also have an English section here:


I am an amateur detailer who recently invested a nice amount of money in some gear ...but until I will be able to show some love to my Mazda6 2.5i 2008 model....I have to spend my time doing some weird kind of detailing ....just to not loose my touch

Ok...now with your permition I would like to present you some of my work that I've been doing in the last couple of days ...this jobs were also shown on DW, Showroom section, and have been received pretty well by the detailing community ...but speacily by the wyfes of some of the members :lol:

So here we go:

If you will follow exactly the steps that I'm doing you will enjoy great results...

Also doing this operation on daily basis you will notice an increase in the quality of your personal life and you will mentain the hapines of your wife, girl friend, mother or grandmother at high levels...:lol:

Products used:




.... probably now you are thinking that I need a doctor...well hold your horses

Before going any further I strongly advise you not to use this products on your own car



First step - let the water flow - fairly warm water at around 40 degree will do just fine

If you don't have acces to water use ONR - but that will be at your own risk


A small amount of liquid detergent will be enough for 3 to 4 dishes and a couple of spoons :lol: ... Remember the most important rule in detailing - LESS IS MORE


Pump up the cleaning sponge several times to create a litle bit of foam


Now washing is starting: - using low to medium pressure:D start wash the items from the sink - remember the liquid detergent is your best friend :lol: ...let it work for you. Do not hurry ...take your time

If you find contaminations tough to remove with the soft side of the sponge ... please feel free to use de rough side of the sponge ...but take great care not to inflict any unnecessary scratches ...:lol:



Now comes the most important step in my techniq witch I advise you to follow if you want to have the same kind of results that I have:p

DO NOT WASH OFF THE DETERGENT THAT IS SITING DOWN ON THE DISHES ... Let me repeat that because many of you are asking me why my dishes are so sparkling clean and yours are not ... lol. You think that you are using my techniq ...but you don't . Whatever techiniq that you think that you are using, that is definetly not my techniq (LOL Junkman style ... I love you man - you are my hero) :


You will ask me why ?...:lol: I'll tell you why : The liquid detergent needs time to deal with various contaminations that are present on the surface of your dishes and spoons ... in order to have a proper clean and contamination free surface :D If you will wash off the detergent before allowing it to sit down and disolve the fat for lets say 5 to 10 minutes you will not have the same results as I have.... and you will ask me why...:lol:

So..put your dishes with the detergent still present on their surface in a separate place :


Now let me tell you about how exactly i do my dishes ...well all my dishes are geting the same treatment :- using my washing sponge I'm doing circular movements and in an overlapping maner to insure an uniform spread of the detergent on the surface of the dishes :lol: - for those new to detailing world - its like applying wax on your car surface... probably some of you are still remember The Karate Kid movie - the same type of movement:D


As you can see on the following picture, all my dishes are siting on a separate place with the detergent doing his job:


Leftovers siting nicely in my sink


The dispose of the leftovers in a eco friendly maner



After we let the detergent to do his job for 5 to 10 min comes the pleasent part - Cleansing with warm or cold water - depends of your personal preference.

5 to 7 seconds is enough to cleanse the detergent residues from your dishes




And here are the results .... Cristal Clear



A pic of the water sheeting off beautiful :D


After washing and cleansing follows the sink inspection




Everything is dripping wet ... :D not good in this kind of detailing ...do not panic and take a big breath and start drying with a kitchen drying cloth. Also you can use a QD as a drying aid:D



Final pics :



Job Done :D

If you do exactly what I did I can guarantee that you will have some action tonight :D

My personal recomandation is to do this kind of detailing at least once a day ... LSP is optional

Total cost 4 to 5 pounds and 10 to 15 minutes (15 min if you take pictures ) or maybe more... but the experience is priceless : :Dlol:



After I have shown my work on DW ...3 days ago....something amazing happend ....here is what I mean by that:

In the last 48 hours I have received a tone of thank you e-mails from a lot of happy ladies :rolleyes: from all over the world, over 1378 e-mails and still counting. It seems that you have followed my example and managed to successfully apply my dish detailing techniq :lol: ... As a result a lot of women are happier and have more time to spend with the loved ones :argie:.... But they have asked me what to do in return for you guys .

Well girls I know exactly what to do :D . Gather around, grab a chair and a cup of coffee or tea and ....follow my drift :)

When your loved ones come home from work ...or whatever ... try to steal their shoes, after they take them off their feet, without being seen by them. Ok... now, if you share your life with a special kind of "animal" ... who has the bad habit of walking all over the house with their shoes on their feet ...I have a more extreme techniq to make them take their shoes off.... all you have to do is ....( well do you remember the SNATCH movie????...with Brad Pit, Jason Statham, Vinnie Jones )... to place a real good punch on their chin ::lol: ..as shown in the following video:

For a nice "Matrix" effect put some body weight in the punch

Well ...lets stop ****ing:censored: arround and start to work

You will need the following products or similar ones. Usually you can find them stored in the garage:D, somewhere on the shelves :lol:


This is how their shoes looks like:...


If your loved ones have some stinky feet problems I advise to use some protection equipment


Some before pics of my shoes :



As you can see their is some nice coats of dirt and some colour transfer from my Levi's



Tones of dirt and some deep scraches (or as your loved one likes to call them : RDS :lol:) and stone chips ;)



First you will need something like AG Interior Shampoo - a powerfull but in the same time gentle pre-wash solution to shift some dirt off :


Start to mist some of the pre-wash solution on your loved ones shoes




Now with a detail brush begin to gently agitate the pre-wash solution, in order to help the pre-wash to shift the dirt off


After you fully agitated the pre-wash ...is time for the first rinse off : ... you will need to put some water in a sprayer and rinse off thoroughly the shoes By now you should see some improvements :thumb:.If so ...Good for You. If you don't ... God help you




After the rinse off process is time for driyng with the help of MF :D


As you can see ... the shoes seems to be reborned allready




Nice improvement but we are not quite there yet... a lot of work is still ahead of us :)

Now is time to put at work the Leather Cleaner:lol: .... Mist some generous amont of cleaner on the shoes and let it to do his job for a couple of minutes .

In the meantime please feel free to do your fingernails or....



After you finished your fingernails :rolleyes: please come back and with the help of a mild stiff brush gently begin to agitate the leather cleaner :D



Here is a nice 50/50 of the rear "tyres" ... not perfect but we are geting close girls


Now ...to make things a litle better go back to AG Interior Shampoo and with the help of....


...a litle stiff detailing brush from Meguiar's :D ....




... you can achieve some nice results :D ...not perfect but a huge improvement



If you are not happy with the results... give another hit with AG Interior Shampoo :buffer: ...for an almost perfect finish :doublesho


...and for a perfect white with no more colour transfer


Once again is time for a rinse off :P ...



... and drie off


Well girls if you made it so far I am realy proud of you.

What follows may be a litle scary for you...but please trust me 'cause there is a logic behind this ... maybe a litle dodgy but never the less

For those of you with a fainted heart ....just close your eyes and through the shoes in the oven:doublesho


Set the timer for 5 min...


... at 50 degrees


Well...that's a perfect finish :D...what a great job you've done ....I'm really proud of you sisters

Now..were you think you're going sister??? Yeah ...I'm talking to you ...:lol: ...There is still a lot of work to do.


Once the shoes are out from the oven...the pores of the leather are opened, ready to receive a litle love:argie: as a Leather Cream via a foam pad




WOW....what a lovely finish


With a MF cloth ...gently buff off for a nice finish


Now ...comes some crazy steps....First let's put some dressing on the "tyres" :lol:


Spray some tyre dressing :doublesho on a MF cloths and dress the "tyres"






And now ...for the grand finale ...it's time for the LSP ... For a durable protection let's play a litle with Collinite 915 Marque D' Elegance Wax applied by hand.


Gently glide your fingers over the wax ...and gently apply it on the shoes ...Don't be scared is just like applying bath oil on your baby's skin . :lol:


Let it on the shoes for 15 to 20 min before buffing it off with a MF cloth :D


Now ... do an act of greatness to the rest of the humankind and mist inside the shoes some AG Autofresh :lol: :lol: :lol:


Now lets all anjoy the afters :D


WOW....amazing :lol:





And lets show off with some beading pics :lol:



And my favourite pic ...my hairy legs and lovely shoes :lol:


Job done girls ...you did a great job :D ...I am really proud of you :lol:

Disclaimer ...sort of...work in progress:D

Do not use the above as a general guide to detail your shoes or dishes if you are not completly sure of what are you doing :D

This is nothing more then a pamphlet:lol:

Please feel free to ask any questions...Do not feel free to criticise my work in a negative maner. :lol:

I want to apologise for my english if you do not find it inteligible enough. :)

Thx for watching and happy shoe and dish detailing :lol:

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Welcome! Good shoe detail :) First time i see carwax on shoes.This is what detailing is all about.Taking care of all cind of materials :)

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Haha....priceless :D

Does #915 or any "hybrid" car wax really work well on (leather) shoes?

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Nice job - and not that crazy: I did a quick one on my Nike Classics before the season, used Autoglym Leather Cleaner and found it worked just great.

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Hey, where`s the 50/50 shots? :D

This thread actually made me laugh for a long time :)


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Del på andre sider

Glad to see that you like my work:)

I realy appreciate your nice comments...and thank you for worrying about my health :D

As far as I know there shouldn't be serious concerns about using a little wax on leather. Initial I was thinking about using Werkstat Acrylic ...as I know it does wonders on light colourd cars. My car is gray:) . But I like my trainers and I wasn't prepared to ruin them yet...just yet .... who knows what tomorrow will bring B)

Nice to meet you all

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Actually not that bad :) First time i bought a car wax, i spent about 90 min just spraying water in the sink, just to see it bead. It was a price less moment, when i turned around to see my girlfriends face as i was standing there, and then the hour after while i still was standing there :D

Endret av Bompi

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Haha. This write up really made me laugh! Thanks for sharing your detailing :lol:

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Del på andre sider

At first I was like :blink:

Then i was like :lol:

At the end i was like :D

Very cool to see europe come together like that.

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Once again thx for your crazy :lol: comments.


PS: - with the hope that I don't breake any rules I will invite you if you have the time and pleasure to post some of your work over here:

http://www.detailing-club.ro/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=60 ...is the English Corner.

I think that your talent and expertise will help a lot our detailing comunity.

Thank you once again and in 2 or 3 weeks I will post my first real job on my car. Hope that it will enjoy you as mutch.

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