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Forhåndsbestilling - GTechniq EXO

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Da kjører vi i gang en forhåndsbestilling på GTechniq EXO, kun tilgjengelig i 410ml (foreløpig) Leveringstid 3-4 uker fra i dag.

Informasjon fra GTechniq om produktet:

EXO offers sensational surface functionality and protection and an exceptionally easy application process. EXO works on very wide range of substrates including paint, gel coat, glass, metal, fabric, stone and perspex.

Based on the next generation of inorganic-organic hybrid materials it embodies our goal to offer products that work harder and smarter meaning more time enjoying your car, boat, plane or RV and less time maintaining it.

Benefits and Features

  • Semi-permanent coating with ultra durable water and dirt repellency function (≈2 years)
  • Hybrid of quartz based inorganic base coat and slick, high gloss organic top-coat
  • Uses a permanent covalent bond to bond to paint, gel coat, fabric, metal, stone, glass, ceramics
  • Exceptionally easy to apply
  • Highly resistant to regular wash process chemicals

    • Automotive - paintwork, wheel rims, glass, carpets, engine bay, exhaust tips & soft tops
    • Marine- topsides, superstructure, sails, bimini covers, stainless steel, brass, steel, marble, interior fabrics, glass & Perspex
    • Aviation - all exterior surfaces, leading edge contamination prevention, interior fabrics
    • RVs, Caravans & Motorhomes - all exterior surfaces, interior fabrics, canvass covers
    • Household - UPVC door & window frames, glass, fabrics, bathroom furniture, fabric sunshades
    • Download: Gtechniq EXO Presentation PDF

    Application instructions

    [*]Perfect the surface to be coated

    [*]Degrease the surface using silicon remover (panel wipe)

    [*]Ensure the surface is >20C prior to application

    [*]For gloss or hard non absorbent matte surfaces spray product onto a MF1 cloth, spread, remove residue with a second MF1 cloth and repeat 20 minutes later to the same area

    [*]For absorbent finishes such as stone or fabric ensure surfaces are very dry and spray directly onto the surface using the mist setting ensuring full saturation

    [*]Allow 48 hours for the coating to fully cure before wetting


    Prisen blir 1.299,- for 410ml. Fristen for forhåndsbestilling til prisen her er søndag 16.09.2012 kl 2400.

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Da må jeg informere om at dere som har bestilt EXO må vente en stund til på disse. GTechniq sitt lager, med hele lagerbeholdningen, brant ned i går kveld.

Heldigvis og viktigst av alt ble ingen personer skadet i brannen.

Tar med en liten hilsen fra GTechniq Rob - We look forward to serving you in the very near future and as Nietzsche said “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.”



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Sånn går det når de leker med spraybokser og fyrstikker!

That said - godt å høre at ingen ble skadet eller drept, synd med lageret og alle produktene, men det er bare ting. Dyre ting, men fremdeles bare ting.

Hils! :)

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