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Dodo Juice Crudzilla

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Nytt spennende produkt nettopp lansert fra Dodo Juice, en trafikkfilm fjerner:


Fåes også med refill konsentrat:


Fra dodojuice.com:

This is a strong pre-wash traffic film remover for attacking grease and grime, and removing or loosening other contaminants from the paint surface. It is a pre-wash and should not be used instead of a shampoo. It contains detergents, solvents (degreasers) and caustic cleaners, so it is strong enough to strip wax and attack sensitive finishes if not rinsed correctly (NOT pH neutral... it is very alkaline). If used as part of a RINSE > TFR > RINSE > WASH regime, it can be instrumental in shifting a lot of dirt before the contact wash itself.

We have made it available in a concentrate and a ready to go spray for the weekend washer who occasionally needs something stronger than just shampoo, a few times a year, perhaps when removing old wax layers or before a major 'spring clean' clay session. This comes in a 500ml chemi resistant Viton spray bottle, which we recommend is reused when empty. The concentrate (10x standard strength) will make 5 litres or more of Crudzilla. We say 'or more' because whilst we have mixed the 'ready to use' spray at 1:10 with water, the concentrate could be extended to 1:20 or even 1:40 but with a compromise in dwell time and effectiveness. The ready to go spray has a UK RRP of 8.95 GBP and the concentrate has an RRP of 13.95 GBP (making it more cost effective at 2.79 GBP per litre... or even less if the concentration is weakened).

Please note that because Crudzilla is strong, it must be fully rinsed and caution must be taken regarding the dwell time. Metal trim and any soft plastics or paints would be classed as 'sensitive finishes' and items like metal roof bars need to be treated carefully or not at all. Using it for a short dwell time and with a very thorough rinse would prevent most issues.

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